Sunnyside United Methodist Church



In worship we come together as a community with Christ in our center. Christ calls us, feeds us, and then sends us back into the world to share the love and community experienced in worship. We are constantly seeking new ways to experience God and to know one another. All are invited to join us because Jesus gives the invitation, and Jesus excludes no one.


We envision Sunnyside United Methodist Church to be the front porch to the Kingdom of God. A place where all are included, received with hospitality, find hope, experience the abundance of God's love and are transformed through Jesus Christ. 


Love: God is love, therefore we are all born in love, by love, and for love. 

Relationship: God is more interested in relationships than in rigid rules and religion.

Grace: By grace all people can be transformed in and through Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness: We are a community of imperfect people held together by forgiveness and God's grace. 

Justice: In response to God's love for us we work for justice by committing ourselves to the causes that seek to bring hope, healing, and the fulness of life to all people and to all of God's creation. 

Growth: We are building the Kingdom of God here and now. As we receive and practice love, relationship, grace, forgiveness, and justice, we will grow deeper in love with God, we will grow in relationship with our neighbors, and we will grow as a congregation to more fully represent the diversity of God's creation. 

"The front porch to the kingdom of God."

— Sunnyside UMC Vision