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Community Garden Harvest Festival

October 7 12:15 -2:00 PM

Sunnyside United Methodist Church

All are invited to come celebrate the bountiful harvest of the 2018 growing season on October 7th from 12:15-2:00 PM in the Growing Community Garden beside Sunnyside United Methodist Church (2800 Gull Road).

There will be home prepared food, games for all ages, pumpkin decorating, crafts, a garden scavenger hunt, and much more.


12:15 pm-Story time, music, and blessing

12:30 pm- Home prepared meal

1:00 pm-Actvities and scavenger hunt



We have 3 trimesters each year and an enrollment month prior to the start of each 10-week trimester. You can choose what works for you and your schedule - do just one trimester or do a full year of small groups by registering for a group every trimester! 












Membership in The United Methodist Church is a big deal and I cannot emphasize this enough. I mean big in the context of our spirituality and our commitment to Christian community. Just take a look at the liturgy for membership here. When you read this liturgy carefully, you might agree with me that we are in fact talking about something that runs much deeper than membership especially in a day when this word is tossed around so casually. We are going to change the idea of membership and call it Covenant Partnership. 

Membership in a giant institution like The United Methodist Church is a hard sell to a generation that has grown understandably resistant to and skeptical of institutions. Even more, when the church has been portrayed as homophobic, and racist, and for turning a blind eye to injustice there is an understandable resistance to membership. The church is called to live alternatively to the rest of the world and sometimes we need to make changes that make it clear we are behaving in this alternative manner. Calling something different is a subtle change that reflects a more significant shift in process.

Sunnyside will offer three classes the first three Sundays of October and February. Persons who desire membership will need to take each of these classes,in no particular order to be ready for April and our celebration of Covenant Partnership through the renewal of Baptism on Easter Sunday (4/16/17).

These classes will help participants develop a common grammar of faith, a common understanding of the work of God through this church, and a starting point for understanding God’s call in their own lives so that we can all partner with God to build the front porch in and through this local church.  

Please find at time to attend one session of each of these 3 classes. We will repeat the same information in October and February.
A fourth class will be required of all who desire baptism for themselves, their children, or whoever might need a refresher for renewal of baptism.

Now, to those who are already members; it would be a great gesture of hospitality to commit yourselves to this process to come to know and welcome those who are new. Engaging these classes might even strengthen your own relationships to God and deepen your awareness of God’s call in your own life. Those who have been here for a long time are encouraged to engage this process and renew your membership claiming Covenant Partnership.